Oh Glee...

Apr. 21st, 2011 02:38 am
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Oh, a filler ep... just what I wanted after a month long hiatus.

It's kind of sad when the promo for the next ep is the best thing about the episode.


1. Can we please have more Mercedes and Lauren interaction? Because they are epic together. Actually, more of both of them in general. While I don't condone acting like a toddler, Lauren was right in being all 'dude, don't let people walk all over you'.

2. Brittney's smarts winning the day on Quiz Bowl, or whatever they called it. Cat diseased? Brit's your girl! Yay! You won with smarts! And yay for having an activity that wasn't Glee club or cheerleading/football on the show.

3. Blaine going all protective boyfriend and trying to protect Kurt from nasty Karofsky. Do I condone picking a fight in the halls? Not really. But have I been in situations where all of a sudden everything after months just bubbles up and you shove someone out of your face? Yeah.

4. And on that note, Santana is HBIC. Razor blades in her hair, what. Santana, Kurt, and Blaine can have their own little posse and I will be in love.

5. Puck continues to be moved every time he hears someone else sing. That boy has a tender heart way deep down.


1. And... what was the point of Sunshine being there? Girl can't act, character has no point, and it's basically just a version of her playing herself. *yawn*

2. Over Holly, and glad she's bowed out.

3. Does no one have any family? Friends? Crazy old people in town who go to anything musically related? Really? NO ONE in the audience? Rachel's dads? Burt and Carole? The Pips The Warblers? Really, y'all? No one? I just don't believe it. Mercedes has a whole gospel choir behind her... and again, NO ONE IN THE AUDIENCE.

4. Can we let Tina sing without breaking down in tears? Please?

5. Schue -- you're doing math wrong. Really wrong.

All in all, filler ep, pretty pointless. I still maintain this could all be made better by having John Barrowman show up.


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