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So, I finally got a chance to watch Reunion

In the words of my Satedan uncle... )

Which means that Doppleganger is on Friday. *glee*
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Best question ever asked to one of us College Reps at a college fair.

And asked in all seriousness too.

Student: ', so what exactly is the difference between marine biology and a Marine?'

Admissions Officer: '... when there's a strike on US soil, they don't send in the marine biologists'

It's times like this where my job is like a circus *lol*
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Got bored, made icons *lol* Kavan Smith is pretty, so made icons of him.

Link goes to my icon journal @ [ profile] orchidicons

[12] Jed Garrity - The 4400

12 The 4400 Icons
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But on the other hand, we have Atlantis.

Stargate Atlantis - Lifeline )
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How much do I heart this show?

Doctor Who - Last of the Time Lords )

There's just something so satisfying about being this gleeful over a show :) Even if it does seem to make me start every sentence with 'And' *lol*
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So, I thought that I'd beaten this sinus thing into submission by catching it early this week.

Apparently I was wrong.

Now I feel absolutely terrible, have to be slightly doped up, drive three hours back to Raleigh to make an 11am meeting that just isn't going to happen. Because one, not moving terribly fast this morning, and two, can't drive terribly fast when I'm doped up silly. Would rather not be on the road, but that's not a choice.

Sucky day and it's not even 9am.
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I keep hoping that sometime I'm going to be shopping and I'm going to run into Curtis from Take Home Chef on TLC. For anyone who hasn't seen the show -- he goes up to people in grocery stores, buys their groceries and then goes home with them and cooks them dinner.

He hasn't shown up in my Harris Teeter yet, but I keep crossing my fingers.

Because honestly, who wouldn't want this guy to go home with them and cook?

Curtis, the Take Home Chef )

He's Australian, gorgeous, and cooks. Seriously, I want to find him in the grocery store, like, now.


Two eps of this just made my afternoon *lol* Which is a nice diversion since I have another fair to go to at 6. Night fairs are always better than the daytime high school visits, but blah working in the evening.
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The 4400 season 4 finale - Great Leap Forward )

That, and I've decided that the perfect Christmas stocking would include both Kavan Smith and John Barrowman -- because we've finally just started getting Torchwood on BBC America and Captain Jack is even more delicious on there than he was on Dr. Who. I want them both, wearing nothing but strategically placed bows.

Or no bows, if there really is a Santa Claus.
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It's so delightfully quiet here today -- I love it. I've already run out and done my errands, bought a bookshelf, haven't actually put my books on it yet, but that's all good. Ran to Target, am watching the General Hospital week marathon on SoapNet and playing random computer games to pass the time, and decided that I didn't care if it was 4:30 in the afternoon, it's a holiday weekend and dammit I'm going to have a glass of wine.

Speaking of, when I have people over, or bring wine, I do it in pretty bottles because I am a classy lady like that. For right now? I'd been curious about the Wine Boxes they have at Target because people who's taste I trust have told me that it doesn't taste like normal box wine does (aka crappy) and that it was a great choice, especially if you're like me and you want one or two glasses at a time and can't drink the whole bottle before it goes sour. So I bought a little box of the White Sangria just to try.

It's delicious. [ profile] spazzula, when you come to this side of town for the deliciousness that is the burgers from the Place I Will Not Name Until We Make Plans To Go There, you need to have a glass of this. Fruity and delicious and I think you'll really love it.

And now I need to find my Icy Hot because carrying that bookcase has done a number on my shoulder.

Oh! And a belated welcome to [ profile] lost_her_sway, who is new to the flist and just generally awesome.
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For anyone who hasn't checked out the delicious fics posted for the [ profile] teyla_lorne little mini-ficathon, you should so go over and take a look. How can you deny two people who are ridiculously pretty on their own, not to mention what happens when you put the pretty together! It's love -- y'all should go check it out.

I have to say that my favorite so far is still The Origin of Berries by [ profile] margarks. Beautiful, sensual, tasty... how could anyone not love it?

I still haven't received mine, which kinda sucks. I was looking forward to the pretty. But these things happen, eh? I love challenges, but I don't think I've been in one where I've gotten a fic that wasn't way late or a pinch-hit. But that's why I keep doing them... law of averages means I'll have to get one on time eventually *lol*

Regardless, the world needed more Teyla/Lorne if only for the pretty!

Other than that, the afternoon is consisting of laundry and America's Next Top Model. Considering this is the first Saturday I've had in a while where I didn't have to be anywhere or do anything, this is a divine way to spend an afternoon. And my place is empty -- neither of my roommates are here until Monday night. Which means, quiet. I haven't had quiet in so long.

*digs the quiet*

*should probably go to the gym today. haven't been in a while*

*ooh, and the grocery store. don't know if i have food here*
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Title: Expressions of Friendship and Love
Rating: G
Characters: Lorne, Teyla (SGA)
Word Count: 765
Summary: Lorne quirked an eyebrow as he noticed the slight twitch in the corner of her mouth as she spoke. "You're taunting me," he mumbled.

A/N: Written for the [ profile] teyla_lorne mini-fest for [ profile] margarks, who wanted “romance (not necessarily 'romantic' romance),first time or new relationship, kisses”. I hope you enjoy :)

Expressions of Friendship and Love )
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Seriously people need to stop calling. Yes, I'm busy, no it's not with work, which is why I can't say 'hold my calls, I'm finishing up my [ profile] teyla_lorne challenge fic'. I don't think the receptionist would think that was a proper reason for my door to be closed and my phone to be off *lol*

*goes back to writing in between phone calls*
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Triangle Under Heat Advisory Today


Seriously, I don't think I'll ever get used to August in North Carolina. 110 heat index. I feel like I can't put on my makeup until I get to my office because it will melt off of me between the walk from my car to my building. My roommate!B and I will usually sit for a few minutes on our porch after work and chat but we looked at each other last night and were like 'couch?' 'oh yeah' because it's just darn oppressive.

And it's been hovering around 98-99% humidity for a week, which for people who've never experienced the joy that is southern humidity, blegh. It finally reached 100% yesterday and the rain just dumped for about an hour -- which is good, we totally need the rain, but you'd think that it would take some of the humidity out of the air. No such luck.

Which means that when picking out clothes for work today, it's very 'what's the shortest work appropriate skirt I have, and the lightest shirt'. Not that that's a problem, because I spent probably way too much money for the tax free weekend last weekend, but I totally needed new work clothes. I am convinced.
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You know those Murphy's Law days where everything that can go wrong, will go wrong? And those days where you feel like the paranoid feelings are totally justified?

Take both of those days and combine them into today.

I'm so angry I could punch something.
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So, while most of the day yesterday was taken up by reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the evening was spent going to see Chess. I love that it's so incredibly pretentious. I love that there are songs basically telling you how the Arbiter of the match is badass. I love that chess is do or die or defect. That's the best thing about musicals -- big big emotions, way out of proportion to what they are in real life *lol*

The Anatoly from last night? Delicious. I just wanted to take him home with me.

But the really funny thing? I saw at least 10 people during intermission just sitting there, reading HP&DH *lol* I went with Roommate!B and I told her she should totally bring her copy, but she was afraid she'd be the only one. Apparently not *lol*

But for those who've never seen it, Chess centers around a world championship match against the backdrop of the Cold War between The American, Freddie, and The Russian defending champ, Anatoly. Anatoly falls in love with Freddie's handler, Florence. Drama ensues, with defections, wives returning, fun synth music, etc.

And one of the best parts of this show? Each time I've seen it, the story is a bit different from the last time, since there is no actual 'canon' show. It started out, like Jesus Christ Superstar and Evita, as a concept album with the fantastic Murray Head singing The American role. And then the London show was different from the concept album, the Broadway version was different from the London show, etc. So each time you never know quite how it's going to turn out cause you don't know which book they'll use, and if the director will make any changes. Me? I prefer the studio album, just cause Murray Head is awesome.

So for those who've never seen Chess, here's a couple of songs from the concept album because everyone needs more musicals *lol*

Chess: One Night in Bangkok with Murray Head as The American
Chess: Anthem with Tommy Körberg as The Russian
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Just finished Harry Potter. Will have coherent thoughts after I return from Chess.

Must remember not to talk to Roommate!B while we go, since she is only half-way through.
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Ever have those days when you just can't seem to focus on anything? I've been staring at the plant on my desk for a solid 10 minutes. And poking at the leaves. Contemplating watering it, before realizing again that it doesn't need to be watered any more than it did 3 minutes ago. But GAH I'm fidgety and can't seem to break through that focusing wall that would allow me some semblance of productivity.

Maybe I just need something in my system. Maybe lunch will do wonders. Ooh lunch.
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I feel like I'm still recouping from the whole midnight showing of Harry Potter. God, I'm old *lol*

The movie was great fun. Roommate!B and her officemate Kevin came, along with my officemate CA, even convinced [ profile] spazzula to come out with us and trip the midnight oil fantastic. I'd never done a midnight movie before, so that was quite entertaining. We didn't dress up -- dressing up is for the books. Even if Roommate!B and I did turn our graduation robes into Hogwarts robes for Prisoner of Azkaban. We're going to dress up for the books this time. Although that means that I'm going to have to decide what to dress up as. [ profile] spazzula is voting for me to do the Hermione thing, if only because I can make my hair do the big hair thing. After this movie, though, dressing up as Bellatrix would be great fun. If only I actually owned a corset *lol* Damn me for not being completely prepared for all sorts of costume thoughts.

I think work would be more interesting if they'd let me dress up like a Harry Potter character. Could totally recruit students dressed in Slytherin green, I assure you. I think it would add a certain something. And my VP would go absolutely bonkers *lol*

And so I'm sitting here, bored, watching the minutes go by. But each time I try to write something, like say, for the not!McShep kissing meme, someone needs my attention. Can't complain -- got to take a prospective student from Nagasaki on a tour yesterday, which was incredibly fun. I enjoyed her, I want her.

But speaking of writing, there's a new little ficathon over at [ profile] teyla_lorne. Little = anything goes, which is awesome, because the world needs more of both Teyla and Lorne. So all y'all should go sign up. They are pretty, and delicious, and the world needs more. You know you want to.
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Shamelessly theifed from [ profile] xfirefly9x, because I could use something new and shiny (at least to me) to read.

List the pairings you're into. Include the fandom they're from as well. Have your flist rec fics for those pairings. Repost this in your own journal so I can give you some recs.

And since all of what I'm reading nowadays, pairing-wise, is within SGA...


Or any good gen centering around Beckett, Cadman, Lorne or Teyla. They're fun people, what can I say? *lol*


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