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I am so, incredibly, utterly bored.

This is the worst time of year at work. In the fall, we're busy. In the winter, we're less busy but still constant and at least throwing holiday parties that get me out of my office. In spring, we're busy.

In summer? I've got nothing.

Seriously, dead. I get maybe three emails the entire day that need answering. Other than that, we've started printout on wordfinds for the office. Currently I'm working on 'Currencies of the World'. And trying not to freeze while doing it because my office should have icicles on the window, it's so cold. One day I'm going to build a trash fire just to warm the place up.

No, so it's completely dead, which means that each of us in the office spends some time wandering around, camping out in someone else's office to find entertainment and conversation. Which currently has meant that people will come in to play in my latest toy -- a talking Chekov from a Burger King kid's meal that [ profile] spazzula was kind enough to let me take -- although I think it was mostly so that her kid would press the button continuously for days *lol* Regardless! He now sits on my desk and people come in and want to play with it.

Which at least has led to some interesting conversations in my office, including but not limited to:

1. The One Where a Co-Worker and I Mock Bad Fanfic and are Happy new!Trek Fan Seem To Be Older And More Entertaining Than Harry Potter Fans.

2. The One Where Another Co-Worker Laments That He Doesn't Want To See The New Trek Film Cause of Too Much "Boom Boom Boom" (which leads to another co-working coming in going 'what boom boom boom?' and we proceed to have an entire conversation where the term 'boom boom boom' is said in almost every sentence)

3. The One Where A VP Doesn't Believe That Anakin Skywalker's Late Name Was Skywalker, and Thought He Was In Star Trek (this is also the conversation where the VP wanted to know why, when Star Wars was dubbed in German, did they only dub the humans and not the Wookie or the Ewoks. To which my actual boss just looks at him and goes '... because they weren't speaking English')

4. The One Where My Boss Asks Me Had I Ever Heard Of This Thing Called Fanfiction, Because Apparently It's All Over The Internet and They Put Weird People Together But Don't Make Any Money Off Of it.

I'm actually scared to think of what might come up today -- but you know, at least that makes it a little more interesting *lol*
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It's so delightfully quiet here today -- I love it. I've already run out and done my errands, bought a bookshelf, haven't actually put my books on it yet, but that's all good. Ran to Target, am watching the General Hospital week marathon on SoapNet and playing random computer games to pass the time, and decided that I didn't care if it was 4:30 in the afternoon, it's a holiday weekend and dammit I'm going to have a glass of wine.

Speaking of, when I have people over, or bring wine, I do it in pretty bottles because I am a classy lady like that. For right now? I'd been curious about the Wine Boxes they have at Target because people who's taste I trust have told me that it doesn't taste like normal box wine does (aka crappy) and that it was a great choice, especially if you're like me and you want one or two glasses at a time and can't drink the whole bottle before it goes sour. So I bought a little box of the White Sangria just to try.

It's delicious. [ profile] spazzula, when you come to this side of town for the deliciousness that is the burgers from the Place I Will Not Name Until We Make Plans To Go There, you need to have a glass of this. Fruity and delicious and I think you'll really love it.

And now I need to find my Icy Hot because carrying that bookcase has done a number on my shoulder.

Oh! And a belated welcome to [ profile] lost_her_sway, who is new to the flist and just generally awesome.
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For anyone who hasn't checked out the delicious fics posted for the [ profile] teyla_lorne little mini-ficathon, you should so go over and take a look. How can you deny two people who are ridiculously pretty on their own, not to mention what happens when you put the pretty together! It's love -- y'all should go check it out.

I have to say that my favorite so far is still The Origin of Berries by [ profile] margarks. Beautiful, sensual, tasty... how could anyone not love it?

I still haven't received mine, which kinda sucks. I was looking forward to the pretty. But these things happen, eh? I love challenges, but I don't think I've been in one where I've gotten a fic that wasn't way late or a pinch-hit. But that's why I keep doing them... law of averages means I'll have to get one on time eventually *lol*

Regardless, the world needed more Teyla/Lorne if only for the pretty!

Other than that, the afternoon is consisting of laundry and America's Next Top Model. Considering this is the first Saturday I've had in a while where I didn't have to be anywhere or do anything, this is a divine way to spend an afternoon. And my place is empty -- neither of my roommates are here until Monday night. Which means, quiet. I haven't had quiet in so long.

*digs the quiet*

*should probably go to the gym today. haven't been in a while*

*ooh, and the grocery store. don't know if i have food here*
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Seriously people need to stop calling. Yes, I'm busy, no it's not with work, which is why I can't say 'hold my calls, I'm finishing up my [ profile] teyla_lorne challenge fic'. I don't think the receptionist would think that was a proper reason for my door to be closed and my phone to be off *lol*

*goes back to writing in between phone calls*
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Triangle Under Heat Advisory Today


Seriously, I don't think I'll ever get used to August in North Carolina. 110 heat index. I feel like I can't put on my makeup until I get to my office because it will melt off of me between the walk from my car to my building. My roommate!B and I will usually sit for a few minutes on our porch after work and chat but we looked at each other last night and were like 'couch?' 'oh yeah' because it's just darn oppressive.

And it's been hovering around 98-99% humidity for a week, which for people who've never experienced the joy that is southern humidity, blegh. It finally reached 100% yesterday and the rain just dumped for about an hour -- which is good, we totally need the rain, but you'd think that it would take some of the humidity out of the air. No such luck.

Which means that when picking out clothes for work today, it's very 'what's the shortest work appropriate skirt I have, and the lightest shirt'. Not that that's a problem, because I spent probably way too much money for the tax free weekend last weekend, but I totally needed new work clothes. I am convinced.
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So, while most of the day yesterday was taken up by reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the evening was spent going to see Chess. I love that it's so incredibly pretentious. I love that there are songs basically telling you how the Arbiter of the match is badass. I love that chess is do or die or defect. That's the best thing about musicals -- big big emotions, way out of proportion to what they are in real life *lol*

The Anatoly from last night? Delicious. I just wanted to take him home with me.

But the really funny thing? I saw at least 10 people during intermission just sitting there, reading HP&DH *lol* I went with Roommate!B and I told her she should totally bring her copy, but she was afraid she'd be the only one. Apparently not *lol*

But for those who've never seen it, Chess centers around a world championship match against the backdrop of the Cold War between The American, Freddie, and The Russian defending champ, Anatoly. Anatoly falls in love with Freddie's handler, Florence. Drama ensues, with defections, wives returning, fun synth music, etc.

And one of the best parts of this show? Each time I've seen it, the story is a bit different from the last time, since there is no actual 'canon' show. It started out, like Jesus Christ Superstar and Evita, as a concept album with the fantastic Murray Head singing The American role. And then the London show was different from the concept album, the Broadway version was different from the London show, etc. So each time you never know quite how it's going to turn out cause you don't know which book they'll use, and if the director will make any changes. Me? I prefer the studio album, just cause Murray Head is awesome.

So for those who've never seen Chess, here's a couple of songs from the concept album because everyone needs more musicals *lol*

Chess: One Night in Bangkok with Murray Head as The American
Chess: Anthem with Tommy K├Ârberg as The Russian
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Ever have those days when you just can't seem to focus on anything? I've been staring at the plant on my desk for a solid 10 minutes. And poking at the leaves. Contemplating watering it, before realizing again that it doesn't need to be watered any more than it did 3 minutes ago. But GAH I'm fidgety and can't seem to break through that focusing wall that would allow me some semblance of productivity.

Maybe I just need something in my system. Maybe lunch will do wonders. Ooh lunch.
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It's raining. And the power at work keeps going on and off. I want to go home since it's just a blah day.

But on the bright side! youTube!

And I have discovered that Taylor Mali wins at life. Gotta love the poetry slam.

The Impotence of Proofreading

What Do Teachers Really Make?
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My Roommate!B is my new tv buddy *lol* She's finally come out of the geek!closet and admitted that she enjoys sci-fi, which made Roommate!D go 'ew' and me go 'sweet, come, watch the Dr. Who marathon with me'. And she did.

Dr. Who, Stargate, various amusements... )
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I have spent the weekend doing absolutely nothing productive. And it's been ever so nice. Roommate!A and I have spent hours each day catching up on Bones which I can only say, omg so addictive. David Boreanaz is a very, very pretty man. We're up to 2.07 and should finish tonight, hopefully. So. Addictive. And sadly, this is how I get new fandoms. It's not by normal, weekly watching. No, it's when I end up watching hours on end and the characters get burned into my brain. Stargate Atlantis? [ profile] spazzula sent me the first season and a half on a whim while sending it to someone else and did I watch them as I got them? Nah. I forgot I had them until one dull Saturday when I watched ALL of them back to back and got addicted. The West Wing? Came in during season three, and ended up watching all of seasons one and two on a marathon and got addicted. House? Watched one and then downloaded the entire first season and watched back to back. Battlestar Galactica? Same thing. Saw one and bought the entire first season and watched in one day. And now Bones, and I know they're getting stuck in my head, and that's okay. All of the characters are fun, and that's so rare for me to find. And so now I'm going to get ridiculously addicted to Bones, and that's okay. I'm totally okay with that.

And I got Roommate!A addicted right along with me. She's my tv buddy and I love it. Cut for Roommate!D drama )

Which is why I am counting down days until Calgary. Cause Calgary is going to be a hell of a lot of fun and it's going to be great. Great, I tell you!
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I think I just freaked out my roommate *lol* Apparently it's unusual in this apartment for people to sing out loud. And top of that, showtunes.

I can't help it that I just got an uncontrolable desire to rock out some Aida. Nothing wrong with that. Next it'll be Avenue Q and we'll see how much the roomies like that *snickers* They aren't quite fans of the subject matter of AQ... or RENT.

Anyway! I don't think they realized I'm totally the sing-into-my-hairbrush-while-doing-the-choreography kinda girl. Sometimes I just get moved by the spirit and have to sing and dance.

To quote Dane Cook: 'Fuck chicks, man. I just... I just wanna DANCE!'


It was a slow day at work today. Not much to do, and boredom taking up most of the day. So I'm in a very demonstrative mood.

*tries to focus that energy into writing*
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SGA 3.12 Echoes )

And total sidenote from that. Finally moved into my new office today. Well, I did yesterday, but I'm still getting things in order. Have finally moved out of what is lovingly called the 'hazing office' -- with it's draft, freezing temps, room for only one chair and a desk and blinky florescent light. Yay for new real office.

Oh, and something fun for the SGA fans on the flist. Got a call yesterday from a collegue. The collegue's name? Dr. Elizabeth Weir. Seriously stared at the ID on the phone for a solid five seconds before being able to form a coherent answer to the question. Was half tempted to answer the phone with 'John Sheppard' but I didn't know if she'd get it or just be like 'omg, never calling her again'.
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"Suzanne, there is an answer to your question but I don't think you're going to like it. You ready? The current crop of eighteen-to-twenty-five-year-olds is the most politically apathetic generation in American history. In 1972, half of that age group voted. In the last election, it was thirty-two percent. Your generation is considerably less likely than any previous one to write or call public officials, attend rallies, or work on political campaigns. A man once said this, 'Decisions are made by those who show up.' So are we failing you or are you failing us? It's a little of both." -- Jed Bartlett, The West Wing, 1.22 'What Kind of Day Has It Been'

Today is Election Day here in the United States and all I can try and impart to people is that 'decisions are made by those who show up'. People in my generation keep convincing themselves for some reason that they're voice doesn't count, that their vote doesn't count, that it doesn't matter because nothing is going to change no matter what they do. That's a big, fat, terrible lie. You choose not to matter when you choose not to vote. You choose to stay silent when surely there's something that you want to yell about. The way that we yell to those in power? We vote.

You're going to tell me that there's nothing that they're talking about that really matters to you. Bullshit. To all of my 18-29 year old friends, that's bullshit. Are you paying college tuition? Do you have student loans? Are you looking for a job? Do you have friends in Iraq? Do you worry about what's in your food at the grocery store? Are you getting married? Divorced? Do you even realize how many of these things the government has their fingers in? Who is in power in our government touches more aspects of your life than you realize.

You think that your vote doesn't matter because they cater to old people. Do you know why politicians cater to the elderly. BECAUSE THEY VOTE. Our voice as young Americans will not be heard until we stand up and demand to be heard. And you demand that recognition and respect by going out today and pulling that lever, or connecting that arrow, or pushing that button. Money mattered yesterday, your VOTE matters today. And we finally get out as a group and decide that we're tired of people making decisions for us based on what other groups think.

And how will they listen to us? VOTE.

'Decisions are made by those who show up.' I make my own decisions and I demand that my voice be heard and my opinions be counted. I voted today. It is both my right and my privilege that I am able to do so. And I voted today.

I showed up. Did you?

"The most important day of your life is not your birthday -- it is election day." -- Dolores Huerta
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Apparently I can babble with the best of them, because I did all of my required NaNo yesterday on my lunch hour, even while eating. So it was more of a typing half hour. Not too shabby, just kinda typing out the first things that pop into my head.

I've been thinking about posting my NaNo here, just for proof that I am doing it and so people can have a giggle at what is very very very unedited writing from me *lol* Do y'all think that would be a good idea? Nothing quite like NaNo to clog people's flists, huh?

And the [ profile] stagesoflove has flared back up again, this time with a list of 10 possible prompts. I have to admit that some of my favorite pieces have come from this challenge -- Night Five, Process Stories, and the Galileo series. And so I'm sitting here wondering if I should do it again. They'd be Beckett/Cadman, of course, because the world needs more Beckett/Cadman in my opinion. I just don't know one if I should, and two which set I'd do. The sets that are available that I haven't written about before are here )

So I don't know. I shall contemplate those and see if any push my buttons. Because they sure were fun the last two times around.
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I'm so tired it's not even funny. Been at my new job three days and we've already had the giant open day today where it felt like I was hearding cats all day from very, very early in the morning. And it was hot, and humid. And after being there only three days, I don't know all of the answers to questions people ask me that I know I should and I feel like a dolt going 'erm... lemme go ask someone who's actually been doing this longer than three days'. *le sigh* It'll work out soon enough. But until then, my brain is dead from both information overload and just sheer exhaustion from the event today.

Although, on the plus side, I have gotten to see friends that I haven't seen in months and haven't lived near in years so that's been fantastic. Went to go see Little Miss Sunshine last night and it can be summed up in one word - fantastic. Best movie I've seen in a while, laugh out loud funny and anything bad I've ever said about Steve Carrell - not that I think I've said anything - but I take it all back. Couldn't take my eyes off of him. He actually can act. Love him. Love this movie. Must go see it again.

As for tonight's tv...

SGA 3.08 - McKay and Mrs. Miller )
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Oh TV premeire season - how I love when you start. You save me from the pain of hours and hours of poorly produced and conceptualized reality television on the major networks. Not that I watch your reality programming (Project Runway doesn't count since it's on cable and *love*), but it makes the baby Jesus cry just knowing that you're wasting time putting it on.

Time that could be spent on, say, NBC choosing to air Battlestar Galactica like it did for Psych so that I don't have to stay up until 2am to rewatch the second season other than... whatever drivel NBC had on during the summer? Seriously, I can't even remember. Must've been so sad that I put it out of my mind. Treasure Hunters? Was that NBC?

Anyway! [ profile] spazzula and I were talking about emo!vampires a week or so ago. How we got on the topic of emo!vampires I don't remember (seriously, where did it come from? am I going to kick myself for forgetting?). But we got on the topic, and then went back to Angel because he was only irritatingly emo when he was on Buffy and at least got a shot of cool!emo on Angel, and I'm flipping through and I end up on Bones, which I've never watched but there was David Boreanez looking lovely and reminding me of the Angel love and discussion and I ended up watching it and oh, that was a fun show. They're wittier and snarkier than CSI and that's love.

I may have to remember to catch that when I can. I'd forgotten how lovely David is.

And with that: So. Bored. Need. Entertainment.
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When there's nothing specific on TV you're looking for, you end up flipping through cable and stumble on Inside the Actor's Studio on Bravo. Now, these are usually not too bad. Except for the times that you can tell they're obviously struggling to fill in someone on a very last moment's notice and you end up with things like 'And today we're talking to Lindsey Lohan on the craft on acting and her illustrious career'. *snickers*

Anyway! I stumble on it right now and there's the lovely Hugh Laurie. Now, I have become quite a fan of House. Sometimes you just want to see a doctor mock his patients and that makes the world seem that much brighter. And yet, for Hugh, as much as I know this intellectually, it still hurts my brain to hear him speak in his real voice. British!House boggles me. But then, InDrag!House boggles too, but that's a good boggle *lol* And his comments on House/Wilson gave me a good giggle.

And now I feel like watching some House. I may have to go find some House.

*goes to find some House*

EDIT: Watching Conan get 'looked over' by House on the intro to the Emmys satisfies that desire *lol* Poor scrawny, albino Conan. And Hurley with the 'uh... we weren't really invited' cracks me up.
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So, almost embarassed to admit this. Almost, not quite *lol*

Have you ever watched a show just because one of the recurring characters is a little hottie that you know as a recurring character from another show and you're a big fan of said character?

Yeah, this is me not admitting to watching episodes of The 4400 just for Agent Garrity because recently I've had a probably not very healthy wee bit of an obsession with Major Lorne on Stargate Atlantis and both characters are played by the delicious Kavan Smith. However! In between finding eps where I can glee over not!Lorne in a suit, I've found that The 4400 is a pretty nifty show and I think I may just have to head down to the Blockbuster and get this series from the beginning. So, this makes my character stalking just a wee bit more acceptable, right? Finding out the show is neat not just for sharing recurring actors (however, if The 4400 is what's keeping me from getting a current Lorne fix on SGA, well, he needs to pick Lorne first because Lorne rocks way harder than Garrity).

But then, I also have a small fascination with finding people I know from other shows guesting on other shows that I have a great love for. The West Wing was FANTASTIC about that. Like the fact that Paris from Gilmore Girls was the assistant busted by Leo in the first season? Ainsley moving on to solve crimes in Miami? Locke from LOST as one of the Joint Cheifs? Love it!

And wow, that just made me sad all over again that TWW is over and I've seen all of it. There's nothing new for it. And now I keep debating on if I want to go ahead and watch the Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip pilot that's online now or wait until it shows because do I wanna know or do I want to wait with baited breath and let it not tempt me?

Choices, choices.
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I know what will make a blah day better - sharing the love of music! Another electic mix of what's been rotating on my iTunes for the past couple of days.

Some Sunday Music

1. Sway - Michael Buble [Buy]
Sometimes a girl's just gotta dance. And I swear, there's something about this boy's voice that just does good things for me. It's fun, it's flirty, it echoes back to the love of the Rat Pack days and it was featured in the movie The Wedding Date if that rings a bell for anyone going 'where have I heard this before...' I love him, have loved him since he was just a late night infomercial and have many of his that go through my rotation.
Fav line: Like a lazy ocean hugs the shore, hold me close, sway me more...

2. Por Una Cabeza - The Tango Project [Buy]
More on the lovely little dance fixation from previous, this is probably the most recognizable tango to those of us who don't actually dance. Performed originally by Carlos Gardel, The Tango Project created a completely instrumental version that has been featured in the hot and sexy dances scene of films such as True Lies and Scent of a Woman. Makes me want to dance, honestly.

3. Me And Bobby McGee - Janis Joplin [Buy]
Really, what can you say about Janis Joplin? Distinctive sound, distinctive message, I love her to death. This is probably the best known of her songs, even if most people refer to it by it's most famous line rather than the actual title of the song. Infinately sing-a-longable, and I was recently reminded of it when the audience broke into it as a sing-a-long during an intermission at the Maryland Shakespeare Festival. Good times.
Fav line: Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose. Nothin ain't worth nothin' but it's free.

4. Electrical Storm (William Orbit Mix) - U2 [Buy]
If anyone doesn't know of my VAST adoration of U2, well, now you do. This was a remix of Electrical Storm written for the 'Best of U2' compilation albums being released circa 2002. And while some people weren't a fan, I'm a big fan of the remix. It's sensual, and I love Bono's voice in all of it's delightfully imperfect glory. U2 is love to me, in any way shape or form, and, yeah, that's all that I can say about that *lol*
Fav line: You're kept awake dreaming someone else's dream...

5. Jesse's Girl - Rick Springfield [Buy]
This? This is just 80stastic. Rick Springfield is a guilty pleasure - not least because he just came back to General Hospital for a while, and GH is love. It's fun, it's fluff, and it's fun to sing at the top of your lungs while driving down the road... or cleaning the bathroom dancing to your iPod. Pure love.
Fav line: Y'know I feel so dirty when they start talking cute, I wanna tell her that I love her but the point is probably moot...


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