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I feel like I'm still recouping from the whole midnight showing of Harry Potter. God, I'm old *lol*

The movie was great fun. Roommate!B and her officemate Kevin came, along with my officemate CA, even convinced [ profile] spazzula to come out with us and trip the midnight oil fantastic. I'd never done a midnight movie before, so that was quite entertaining. We didn't dress up -- dressing up is for the books. Even if Roommate!B and I did turn our graduation robes into Hogwarts robes for Prisoner of Azkaban. We're going to dress up for the books this time. Although that means that I'm going to have to decide what to dress up as. [ profile] spazzula is voting for me to do the Hermione thing, if only because I can make my hair do the big hair thing. After this movie, though, dressing up as Bellatrix would be great fun. If only I actually owned a corset *lol* Damn me for not being completely prepared for all sorts of costume thoughts.

I think work would be more interesting if they'd let me dress up like a Harry Potter character. Could totally recruit students dressed in Slytherin green, I assure you. I think it would add a certain something. And my VP would go absolutely bonkers *lol*

And so I'm sitting here, bored, watching the minutes go by. But each time I try to write something, like say, for the not!McShep kissing meme, someone needs my attention. Can't complain -- got to take a prospective student from Nagasaki on a tour yesterday, which was incredibly fun. I enjoyed her, I want her.

But speaking of writing, there's a new little ficathon over at [ profile] teyla_lorne. Little = anything goes, which is awesome, because the world needs more of both Teyla and Lorne. So all y'all should go sign up. They are pretty, and delicious, and the world needs more. You know you want to.


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