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One, I so should've been in bed a while ago. Two, I can't help it if I get distracted by shiny.

Star Trek: 12 Assorted

Star Trek: 12 assorted )
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One, I so should've been in bed a while ago. Two, I can't help it if I get distracted by shiny.

Star Trek: 12 Assorted

Star Trek: 12 assorted )
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Got bored, made icons *lol* Kavan Smith is pretty, so made icons of him.

Link goes to my icon journal @ [ profile] orchidicons

[12] Jed Garrity - The 4400

12 The 4400 Icons
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So, I might have dusted off the old photoshop after making my new header and made some Kavan Smith icons and wallpapers. And yes, the entire reason I made new wallpapers was to have something to switch on my work laptop when the days were getting late and I needed something pretty to keep me going *lol* Don't care -- college admissions is tiring and Kavan is pretty. Whatever works, right?

Kavan Smith/Major Lorne
12 Icons // 02 Wallpapers


Icons/Walls @ orchidicons

EDIT: Frak, how I love BSG! Why oh why do you have to be the season finale? Why must you leave now?
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Is it wrong to have a giddy little thrill that it's Atlantis Monday on SciFi today? I don't think it's wrong. Especially since this is the first time that I'll get to see early season 2 on a television and not only on the comp. The pains of coming to the party late in the game *lol* But yay, I get to see some Runner and some Duet on a screen larger than my laptop. Good day.

Still mulling over the commentfic thing. It could be fun. Just have to, you know, bother with it. But seriously, might help in sharing the B/C love.

And to top of my creative day, icons. Grace Under Pressure icons at my icon journal.
15 SGA (Grace Under Pressure)
for [ profile] sg_100


15 New Atlantis Icons
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Pollen is the bane of my existance during the spring. I should not feel like I've been run over by a truck after having the windows to my house open. But then, I should also know better than to open the windows because this happens every year. Spring breeze just feels too good to pass up and then *wham* flat on your back, losing your voice, and a headache to boot. I really will learn my lesson one of these days. On the other hand, I have gotten a start on my claim at [ profile] sg_100. Since iconing Critical Mass (mainly because Laura icons amuse me greatly) was so much fun, we're doing Grace Under Pressure this time around. *points to user icon* I just adore the colors on that icon, and it makes me happy, so it's going into the rotation before I post the icons. Which I will do (at least the first 11 that I have done) tomorrow when I feel like bothering with making a table. And must write the last ficlet for [ profile] stagesoflove. Because Carson & Laura need some 'taste' love. At least this one isn't boggling me as much as 'scent' did, which is definately a good thing.

Sidenote: Sri Lanka has my undying love for their Peach Apricot tea. It's the only thing that got me through the day, and probably will be the big factor in tomorrow. Much love for Sri Lanka.

Sidenote 2: SGA 'The Tower' is on SciFi right now. I don't care what anyone says, that ep amuses me greatly for the ditzy slutty girl and her brother, who is totally the poor Canadian man's Bradley Whitford. No one does smug bastard like Bradley Whitford. Oh how I will miss him when West Wing finishes - thank God for Studio 60. Seriously, the show's not even on yet, but I already know it's going to rock. I mean, it's Sorkin. Much love for Sorkin. And much love for The Tower and the slutty girl that makes me laugh. And hell, much love for the Bradley Whitford wannabe.


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