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I was totally on the evening news today *lol*

My sister and I went to go see The DaVinci Code this afternoon cause hey, the 3pm showing won't be sold out cause it's the first one of the day on the shore. *snickers* It was totally sold out, which is great because I love watching movies with a bunch of people. It's the energy. But anyway, we're walking up to get our tickets and this reporter from one of the local stations walks up and wonders if we'd like to give a statement about the movie and whatnot for a segment they're doing. We say sure, why not?

Yeah, they totally used my little soundbite on the news. I love local news. But it was funny, my sister was the one who was dressed nice and had on makeup cause I picked her up from work to go, and here I was in my t-shirt and ponytail and I'm the one that ends up on the news. But they were asking about the "controversy", which honestly makes me laugh. And all the while I'm having to remind myself 'make a comment like a normal person, not a relion/politics major or crazy opinionated person that I am'. So basically it was 'y'all, it's a novel. relax.' When what I really wanted to say, and what both my sister and everyone who called me after seeing it thought I was going to say, was something along the lines of 'people who get this worked up over a movie are ridiculous and wasting energy which could be spent getting worked up over foreign wars, encroachment on civil liberties, and the fact that over 20 million American children don't have access to quality healthcare.' I refrained myself quite nicely, thank you *lol*

But anyway, the movie was great. Very faithful adaptation of the book, which means that yes it drags a bit in the middle but then so does the book so I expected it. The cast is fantastic and it was 2 hours entertainingly spent.

I still don't know what to think about my family and friends being scared of what's going to come out of my mouth when I'm given a mic and a platform. Not that they're mistaken, but still. *lol*


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