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So, I finally got a chance to watch Reunion

In the words of my Satedan uncle... )

Which means that Doppleganger is on Friday. *glee*
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But on the other hand, we have Atlantis.

Stargate Atlantis - Lifeline )
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For anyone who hasn't checked out the delicious fics posted for the [ profile] teyla_lorne little mini-ficathon, you should so go over and take a look. How can you deny two people who are ridiculously pretty on their own, not to mention what happens when you put the pretty together! It's love -- y'all should go check it out.

I have to say that my favorite so far is still The Origin of Berries by [ profile] margarks. Beautiful, sensual, tasty... how could anyone not love it?

I still haven't received mine, which kinda sucks. I was looking forward to the pretty. But these things happen, eh? I love challenges, but I don't think I've been in one where I've gotten a fic that wasn't way late or a pinch-hit. But that's why I keep doing them... law of averages means I'll have to get one on time eventually *lol*

Regardless, the world needed more Teyla/Lorne if only for the pretty!

Other than that, the afternoon is consisting of laundry and America's Next Top Model. Considering this is the first Saturday I've had in a while where I didn't have to be anywhere or do anything, this is a divine way to spend an afternoon. And my place is empty -- neither of my roommates are here until Monday night. Which means, quiet. I haven't had quiet in so long.

*digs the quiet*

*should probably go to the gym today. haven't been in a while*

*ooh, and the grocery store. don't know if i have food here*
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Title: Expressions of Friendship and Love
Rating: G
Characters: Lorne, Teyla (SGA)
Word Count: 765
Summary: Lorne quirked an eyebrow as he noticed the slight twitch in the corner of her mouth as she spoke. "You're taunting me," he mumbled.

A/N: Written for the [ profile] teyla_lorne mini-fest for [ profile] margarks, who wanted “romance (not necessarily 'romantic' romance),first time or new relationship, kisses”. I hope you enjoy :)

Expressions of Friendship and Love )
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Since I like to have copies of things on my journal...

Two comment!fics written for the [ profile] teylafen Prompt Battle

Distractions, Teyla/Lorne, PG )

Five Went In, Charin, G )
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I don't know why I keep doing this. Every time I go to write a comment!fic, it ends up being way too long and I have to cut and splice and nitpick it down to 4300 characters. But I guess the challenge is part of the amusement *lol*

But with [ profile] teylafen running a prompt battle? I couldn't help myself.

Distractions, Teyla/Lorne, PG -- prompt 'water'
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Since I am still hyped up on too much caffeine to sleep yet, and as penance for emotionally dumping on [ profile] spazzula tonight, a pair of B/C fics for her and [ profile] 15minuteficlets.

sga, 'too much', beckett/cadman, G
[ profile] fanfic100 033. Too Much

too much )

sga, 'plucked', beckett/cadman, G
[ profile] fanfic100 013. yellow

plucked )
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Title: The Willow Tree
Characters: Lorne, Cadman
Rating: PG-13, language
Notes: Originally written for [ profile] oxoniensis's Hugs, Cuddles, and Kisses challege with the prompt 'sga, lorne/cadman, drunk'. This is the original version that was waaay too long for the 'one comment field' restriction on the challenge. Spoilers for 3.17 'Sunday'.

Much thanks to [ profile] spazzula, who's more than a beta. She's an enabler.

Cadman was right, it wasn't fair. )
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So, I might have dusted off the old photoshop after making my new header and made some Kavan Smith icons and wallpapers. And yes, the entire reason I made new wallpapers was to have something to switch on my work laptop when the days were getting late and I needed something pretty to keep me going *lol* Don't care -- college admissions is tiring and Kavan is pretty. Whatever works, right?

Kavan Smith/Major Lorne
12 Icons // 02 Wallpapers


Icons/Walls @ orchidicons

EDIT: Frak, how I love BSG! Why oh why do you have to be the season finale? Why must you leave now?
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And I figure I should move this over here just cause I like to have what I've written in one place for easy finding. That and I kinda want proof that I actually wrote something slightly porny *lol* Cause I still don't believe it.

Title: Dance Partners
Pairing: Lorne/OFC
Rating: NC-17
Notes: Written for [ profile] oxoniensis's Porn Battle. Prompt - SGA, Lorne/OFC, stranded

He wasn't thinking about how they'd basically stranded him on the planet 12 hours earlier... )
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For [ profile] stagesoflove -- totally going to have these done in time...

Title: A Good Day (3/5)
Pairing: Beckett/Cadman
Rating: PG
Word Count: 456
[ profile] fanfic100 #080 Why? Table
Summary: "I was going to entertain you if you were bored..."

A Good Day - 3/5 )
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For [ profile] stagesoflove -- and I am so going to have these all done by the final deadline!

Title: A Good Day (2/5)
Pairing: Beckett/Cadman
Rating: G
Word Count: 343
[ profile] fanfic100 #081 How? Table
Summary: "I can spin a good tale when needed," Carson replied. "Would you like me to?"

A Good Day 2/5 )
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SGA 3.12 Echoes )

And total sidenote from that. Finally moved into my new office today. Well, I did yesterday, but I'm still getting things in order. Have finally moved out of what is lovingly called the 'hazing office' -- with it's draft, freezing temps, room for only one chair and a desk and blinky florescent light. Yay for new real office.

Oh, and something fun for the SGA fans on the flist. Got a call yesterday from a collegue. The collegue's name? Dr. Elizabeth Weir. Seriously stared at the ID on the phone for a solid five seconds before being able to form a coherent answer to the question. Was half tempted to answer the phone with 'John Sheppard' but I didn't know if she'd get it or just be like 'omg, never calling her again'.
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In usual tradition of my [ profile] stagesoflove, the name of the set comes from a West Wing episode.

Title: A Good Day (1/5)
Theme: Five Pieces of Furniture (chair)
Rating: G
Word Count: 415
Summary: "Relax Carson," Laura replied lightly. "I have this totally under control."
[ profile] fanfic100 #71 - Broken. Table

A Good Day - 1 )
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Title: Emails from Pegasus
Rating: G
Spoilers: 2.17 Coup d’Etat
Written for: [ profile] sga_secondary
Summary: There are times when all you want to do is type ‘The Farmers are coming to get us!’ – even if you know you can’t.

Emails from Pegasus )
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Title: Games Women Play
Characters: Cadman, Heightmeyer, Miko, Novak, Teyla, Weir
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Through "The Return Pt 1" (03x10)
Written For: [ profile] sga_secondary
Summary: They’d had a poker night once a week since the expedition arrived in Atlantis, alternating between quarters and the mess and different offices until they found one that the men wouldn’t intrude on.

Games Women Play )
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I'm so tired it's not even funny. Been at my new job three days and we've already had the giant open day today where it felt like I was hearding cats all day from very, very early in the morning. And it was hot, and humid. And after being there only three days, I don't know all of the answers to questions people ask me that I know I should and I feel like a dolt going 'erm... lemme go ask someone who's actually been doing this longer than three days'. *le sigh* It'll work out soon enough. But until then, my brain is dead from both information overload and just sheer exhaustion from the event today.

Although, on the plus side, I have gotten to see friends that I haven't seen in months and haven't lived near in years so that's been fantastic. Went to go see Little Miss Sunshine last night and it can be summed up in one word - fantastic. Best movie I've seen in a while, laugh out loud funny and anything bad I've ever said about Steve Carrell - not that I think I've said anything - but I take it all back. Couldn't take my eyes off of him. He actually can act. Love him. Love this movie. Must go see it again.

As for tonight's tv...

SGA 3.08 - McKay and Mrs. Miller )
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I always forget just how many moods are in a full moodtheme. But it's always so satisfying when you finish one. So... Yay, finished the moodtheme! 133 moods of the SGA Ladies, because the ladies need love too. Posted it up at my graphic journal [ profile] orchidicons

Download Moodtheme: HERE

*is so happy to have that done*
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So in an attempt to avoid loading the car - I hate loading the car, this is the point where I wish that I had some sort of Star Trek beaming device to move all of the stuff from the living room to the car instantaneously - I've been poking through the Stargate Fan Awards noms to see what was up and nomminated and the like.

I have a nom, which just gives me such a giddy little thrill.

Stargate Fan Awards
Fan Fiction: Atlantis > SHIP > Best Romantic Story > Other
Night Five by chasingkerouac

And it's such a giddy little thrill because one, I'm up there, and two, I'm up with a couple of people who I really enjoy reading, such as tielan and Hth, and it's just so neat for me to be considered in the same category as writers like them. Like I said, giddy little thrill, right here.


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