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So, the deadline for this is today and I'm just not done *lol* But! Since I totally am working on it and it will be written and posted post haste, I figured I'd post a teaser for it just to prove it's on it's way and yes, I have a direction.

Title: Road to Atlantis
Challenge: [ profile] reel_sga
Prompt: Road To Morocco (1941): Jeff (Bing Crosby) and Turkey (Bob Hope), two wild and crazy guys adrift on a raft in the Mediterranean, are cast away on a desert shore and hop a convenient camel to an Arabian Nights city where Turkey soon finds himself sold as a luscious Princess Shalmar of Karameesh (Dorothy Lamour). Naturally, Jeff would like to rescue Turkey from this "dire" fate, even if it means taking his place! But they haven't figured on virile desert chieftain Mullay Kassim (Anthony Quinn), who has designs on the princess himself...

Summary: “Well, you can stay here and wait to fry in the sun while no one considers the fact that we’re stranded in the middle of nowhere on a backwater planet we weren’t even supposed to be investigating today, thank you Cadman,” Rodney hissed as he glared at John, “but I’m headed back to our jumper to try and figure out a way to fly the damn thing back.”

A/N: The first scene of the fic for a little taste. Promise the whole thing is coming soon as I finish the last few scenes and edit. Much thanks to [ profile] spazzula who allowed me to theif the planet of Elusia and the previous 'mission o' doom' from her fic Murphy's Law.

Oh, and for those who haven't seen the movie, there is a song in there that Jeff and Turkey sing called 'Road to Morocco'. While I don't have that song, I do have the Stewie and Brian version from Family Guy called Road to Rhode Island [Buy]. Spoof of an ep, but it's the same tune that John's whistling :)

Road to Atlantis )


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