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I am so, incredibly, utterly bored.

This is the worst time of year at work. In the fall, we're busy. In the winter, we're less busy but still constant and at least throwing holiday parties that get me out of my office. In spring, we're busy.

In summer? I've got nothing.

Seriously, dead. I get maybe three emails the entire day that need answering. Other than that, we've started printout on wordfinds for the office. Currently I'm working on 'Currencies of the World'. And trying not to freeze while doing it because my office should have icicles on the window, it's so cold. One day I'm going to build a trash fire just to warm the place up.

No, so it's completely dead, which means that each of us in the office spends some time wandering around, camping out in someone else's office to find entertainment and conversation. Which currently has meant that people will come in to play in my latest toy -- a talking Chekov from a Burger King kid's meal that [personal profile] spazzula was kind enough to let me take -- although I think it was mostly so that her kid would press the button continuously for days *lol* Regardless! He now sits on my desk and people come in and want to play with it.

Which at least has led to some interesting conversations in my office, including but not limited to:

1. The One Where a Co-Worker and I Mock Bad Fanfic and are Happy new!Trek Fan Seem To Be Older And More Entertaining Than Harry Potter Fans.

2. The One Where Another Co-Worker Laments That He Doesn't Want To See The New Trek Film Cause of Too Much "Boom Boom Boom" (which leads to another co-working coming in going 'what boom boom boom?' and we proceed to have an entire conversation where the term 'boom boom boom' is said in almost every sentence)

3. The One Where A VP Doesn't Believe That Anakin Skywalker's Late Name Was Skywalker, and Thought He Was In Star Trek (this is also the conversation where the VP wanted to know why, when Star Wars was dubbed in German, did they only dub the humans and not the Wookie or the Ewoks. To which my actual boss just looks at him and goes '... because they weren't speaking English')

4. The One Where My Boss Asks Me Had I Ever Heard Of This Thing Called Fanfiction, Because Apparently It's All Over The Internet and They Put Weird People Together But Don't Make Any Money Off Of it.

I'm actually scared to think of what might come up today -- but you know, at least that makes it a little more interesting *lol*
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