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Yes, I've become addicted to the shiny new Star Trek and it's awesomeness, why do you ask? *lol*

At least looking for fic gives me something to do during my boring workday, and there is more and more shiny fic each day. But, I thought I'd throw this out, because anybody on my flist who wants to start with some shiny new Star Trek fic (and if you haven't seen the movie, go. Amazing. How much of a crush do I have on Karl Urban and Chris Pine?) you should totally start here.

[ profile] chaletian has written a series of stories now loving known as the village!verse and they involve wonderful things like Chekov and Sulu being bookies, imagining the Enterprise as part of telenovela drama, Kirk attempting to give a birds and the bees talk, McCoy being so delightfully grumpy and McCoy-esque, and just general all around slice of life amusement.

Go, they're wonderful.
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For anyone who hasn't checked out the delicious fics posted for the [ profile] teyla_lorne little mini-ficathon, you should so go over and take a look. How can you deny two people who are ridiculously pretty on their own, not to mention what happens when you put the pretty together! It's love -- y'all should go check it out.

I have to say that my favorite so far is still The Origin of Berries by [ profile] margarks. Beautiful, sensual, tasty... how could anyone not love it?

I still haven't received mine, which kinda sucks. I was looking forward to the pretty. But these things happen, eh? I love challenges, but I don't think I've been in one where I've gotten a fic that wasn't way late or a pinch-hit. But that's why I keep doing them... law of averages means I'll have to get one on time eventually *lol*

Regardless, the world needed more Teyla/Lorne if only for the pretty!

Other than that, the afternoon is consisting of laundry and America's Next Top Model. Considering this is the first Saturday I've had in a while where I didn't have to be anywhere or do anything, this is a divine way to spend an afternoon. And my place is empty -- neither of my roommates are here until Monday night. Which means, quiet. I haven't had quiet in so long.

*digs the quiet*

*should probably go to the gym today. haven't been in a while*

*ooh, and the grocery store. don't know if i have food here*
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Shamelessly theifed from [ profile] xfirefly9x, because I could use something new and shiny (at least to me) to read.

List the pairings you're into. Include the fandom they're from as well. Have your flist rec fics for those pairings. Repost this in your own journal so I can give you some recs.

And since all of what I'm reading nowadays, pairing-wise, is within SGA...


Or any good gen centering around Beckett, Cadman, Lorne or Teyla. They're fun people, what can I say? *lol*
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Why on earth to people want to come tour the campus today? It is Friday before Christmas, it is raining, all of the buildings are locked and even the residence hall is locked so there's nothing to see. Seriously, people? Why you wanna do that to me? Why you wanna make me stay here as one of only four people in the entire office today? Sucks hardcore, man.

In other news, I think this just broke my brain in the best way possible.

Harry Potter and the Eagle of Truthiness aka What would happen if Stephen Colbert taught DADA?

Brain. Broke.

ETA: Only read three paragraphs of this and have to share. Brain broke more. Hilarity ensues. OMG.

Disoriented, Demented, and a Little Nuts aka The Muppets move their next movie to Vancouver and get fangirled by the casts of SGA and BSG.

"So you're in the business?" Kermit asked.

"Actor. I'm on Stargate Atlantis."

"Oh. I'm sorry, I thought you meant you were on a television show."

"We're on the Sci Fi Channel," David explained.

"Oh. Then I'm really sorry."

In the end, David persuaded him to agree to a cameo in the movie; he had done, David swore, loads of independent films, and was a true artist who would brighten any picture he was in. And as long as he was going to let David in, could his friend Paulie come too? Paulie, he swore, was a true actor. And a wrestler. And unlike that pussy Joe Flanigan, he wasn't allergic to felt.

Mostly, Kermit agreed to make him go away.



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