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So in an attempt to avoid loading the car - I hate loading the car, this is the point where I wish that I had some sort of Star Trek beaming device to move all of the stuff from the living room to the car instantaneously - I've been poking through the Stargate Fan Awards noms to see what was up and nomminated and the like.

I have a nom, which just gives me such a giddy little thrill.

Stargate Fan Awards
Fan Fiction: Atlantis > SHIP > Best Romantic Story > Other
Night Five by chasingkerouac

And it's such a giddy little thrill because one, I'm up there, and two, I'm up with a couple of people who I really enjoy reading, such as tielan and Hth, and it's just so neat for me to be considered in the same category as writers like them. Like I said, giddy little thrill, right here.
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How have I never watched House before? That show is awesome. Hugh Laurie owns my soul. I mean, what's it's regular time slot, Tuesdays @ 9? That's after Gilmore Girls. Seriously, owns my soul.

I'm almost done with my Teyla ficathon fic. Maybe 500 words to go. I'm still iffy on the whole thing - not used to writing Teyla or John all that much, but then that's the glory of the challenge right? Break out of comfort zones. Well, that and I'm iffy on the actually story, but who's ever prompt I got didn't provide much direction. So with no direction comes introspection from this author. And I'm maybe 1/3 to 1/2 done the [ profile] reel_sga fic. But I reached a bit of a brain pause on that one, so writing the Teyla fic out of the way is a good diversion and hopefully Bing and Bob, er, Shep & McKay, will return to my brain asap.

And now that [ profile] stagesoflove is over with, I feel like I need another small little prompt to work on when my brain pauses. Enter [ profile] delgaserasca and her little quoteathon ficathon Here. You sign up and she gives you a quote. No hassle, no pressure, just let the quote inspire some fic in a fandom of your choice. Don't like your quote? Ask for another. No pressure but really quality quotes to stumble on. For some reason, I got a real itch to try writing some The West Wing fic, because oddly enough for all the time I've been a fan of the show and a fannish person in general, I've never written TWW fic. Which honestly, I feel is just a travesty that I should attempt to rectify. And since I'm a sucker, I plucked up one for SGA too. I'm happy with the quotes and I think I have ideas - well, definately an idea for TWW and I think the beginnings of an idea for SGA. Nothing long, nothing that would take more than a couple hours to write, but something fun. Go sign up, get a quote, write some fic. Fic makes me happy :)

And since I'm in the mood for sharing, the quotes I got that will be the basis of my fics are:

Stargate Atlantis: Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee and just as hard to sleep after. ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

The West Wing: Everyone is necessarily the hero of his own life story. ~ John Barth

Seriously, how fitting are those? I love 'em.


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